In the domain of mediumship. Life in the Spirit World

Forum poświęcone analizie dzieł psychograficznych brazylijskiego medium, przede wszystkim spisanym przez duchy takie jak Emmanuel i Andre Luiz, a także listom z zaświatów otrzymanym przez Chico.

In the domain of mediumship. Life in the Spirit World

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Mam tę książkę w języku angielskim. Czy byłby ktoś zainteresowany gdybym wstawiał tu jej rozdziały?
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Re: In the domain of mediumship. Life in the Spirit World

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tak , wstawiaj proszę
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Re: In the domain of mediumship. Life in the Spirit World

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Andre Luiz's collection of books, of which the present book is a part, is at the same time revealing, doctrinal and scientific. The 15 books in great part complete previous works about life after death by authors such as Swedenborg. A. Jackson Davis, Reverend G. Vale Owen and others. The books „Nosso Lar – A Spiritual Home,” „Disobsession,” „The Messengers,” and „A Life Goes On,” are part of that collection.
Andre Luiz offers us in this book a valuable and remarkable account of his experiences when studying the subject of mediumship. In the Domain of Mediumship is pivotal for all those who seriously and responsibly desire to approach mediumship. At the same time that its reading is extremely enlightening it is also written in Andre Luiz's particularly captivating way, which envelops the reader's attention through the last page.
Those who are engaged in the work of translation know how challenging it can be for translators to depict the poetic nuances of the original authour, not to mention the depth of his or her ideas. The richness of one language very seldom can be integrally expressed in a different one.
However, the message of this precious book has to be sent to everyone, and we stretched our ability to the utmost in order to accomplish this endeavor.
Our main concern was to be completely faithful to the original transmission, but with an eye on preserving the beauty and smoothness of its content in the English language.
This book, and the many others that followed, were all dictated in Portuguese, and have guided hundreds of thousands of readers toward a more profound understanding of the reality that lies beyond death. The books were channeled by Francisco Candido Xavier (1910 – 2002)
Francisco „Chico” de Paula Cãndido Xavier was Brazil's most respected medium, a position of great moral authority in a country where an estimated 32 million people believe in Spiritism. Brazil has the world's largest spiritist population, and, in a career spanning of 75 years, Xavier became its most important figure.
Xavier was born into a poor family of nine brothers and sisters, in the suburbs of Belo Horizonte. Even though barely educated, he published 412 books – the Spirits of dead people dictated the texts to him through mediumship. His books sold an estimated 25 million copies, the profits of which were all channeled into charity work. As a former fingerprint expert
with the Brazilian Ministry of Agriculture, Xavier lived on meager wages before drawing his state pension.
Several of his books were translated into English, Esperanto, French, Greek, Japanese, etc.
Countless hours were dedicated to this work. Repeatedly revisions and the collaboration of many supporting friends were required so that we could complete this translation.
We are particularly grateful to all those who have contributed toward this endeavor, Barbara Paulin, Danny Claudio, João Korngold, Crisley Thomé, Marcia Lacerda, Sandra Pizani, and Henrique de Sá, who inspired us to undertake the translation of this book.
Our heartfelt gratitude to Marie Levinson who worked tireless with me during the entire process of the translation of this book, scouring the manuscript tor errors countless times striving for perfection with the sole our gratitude to Edward Christie, who contributed with his work and dedication during the final editing of this book.
We are grateful to the divine protection that accompanied us throughout this project.

Jussara Korngold
New York, 2005
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Re: In the domain of mediumship. Life in the Spirit World

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Studying the constitution of matter, science of the 20th century found many surprises that brought about radical revisions of long-held beliefs. Almost five centuries before Christ, Leucippus, the teacher of Democritus, theorized that every object was formed by infinitesimal particles (atoms) in constant motion. Despite this, classical culture continued to be based in the four principles of Aristotelian thought (water, earth, air and fire) and in the three hypostatical elements of ancients alchemists (sulfur, salt and mercury) to explain the many combinations in the physical world.
In the 19th century, Dalton proposed the existence of atoms and that each element had their own individual weight. A marvelous period of intelligent investigations commenced, renewing the ideas and concepts the so-called “indivisible particle.” Extraordinary discoveries opened up new horizons to human knowledge:
Mr. Crooks discovers the radiant state of matter and studies cathode rays.
Roentgen experiments with a Crookes tube wrapped in black cardboard and discovers X-Rays.
Henri Becquerel, allured by this investigation, experiments with uranium while looking for similar radiations of this element, and finds out unexpected questions to be answered.
Mr. and Mrs. Curie, intrigued by this enigma, analyze tons of uranium and discovers radium.
Old scientific theories lose their bases.
Rutherford, at the forefront of numerous pioneers, works out the nature of particles given off by radioactive materials.
The atom is discovered in the very forms in which it tries to hide, revealing solutions to what was once a mystery.
Since the last quarter of the 19th century, our concept of Earth has become that of a kingdom of waves and rays, currents and vibrations. Everything pulsates with electricity and magnetism, movement and attraction. The study of cosmic rays proves the immense energies spread throughout the Universe providing the physicists with a powerful opportunity for the investigation of atomic and sub-atomic phenomena.
Bohrs, Planck, Einstein elaborate new and great scientific theories.
The body is now understood to be no more than an electronic vortex guided by consciousness. Each tangible body is a bundle of concentrated energy. Matter is transformed into energy, which gives way to matter again.
As investigators of the truth, contemporary, chemists and physicists, geometricians and mathematicians are, without intending it, priests of the Spirit. As a consequence of their ongoing studies, materialism and atheism will disappear for lack of a foundation in which to base their negative conclusions.
Laboratories are temples in which intelligence is dedicated to the service of God. Even when this intellectual activity is misguided, temporarily subordinated to the political hegemony that generates wars, the progress of science is divinely led, exalting goodness en route toward a glorious future. That future belongs to the Spirit!
Meditating on the future of Earth, Andre Luiz organized these knowledgeable pages regarding mediumship. He shows the importance of the spiritual interchange between human beings. The greater the advancement in their spiritual evolution, the more assuredly humans will understand it is wrong to think that death signals the end of soul's existence. And now, more than ever, human beings see themselves as consciousness held and forces and fluids that are temporarily combined for educational purposes.
As the individual gradually understands that the tomb is an open door toward renovation, just as the cradle is the access to the human experience, they grasp that their presence, on the planet, is a journey for their own progress, as well as that of the universe.
On this great pilgrimage, we are all instruments of the forces with which we are in tune. Each person, with the sentiments that characterize their interior life, emits specific rays and lives in the spiritual wavelength with which they identify themselves. We are all mediums operating withing the mental field that is appropriate to us: associating with edifying energies if our thoughts flow in the direction of the superior life, or disturbing and depressing ones if we submit to the shadows of a primitive and tortured life.
Such truths cannot remain as matters of faith. Instead, they will emerge from the temples of science as mathematic equations. While various apprentices focus on mediumship, studying it from Earth to Heaven, our friend Andre Luiz tries to analyze and evaluate it from Heaven to Earth, thus collaborating in the construction of this new age.
What is most sublime in these pages is the need to keep Christ in our hearts and minds, so that we do not become disoriented upon coming in contact with mediumistic phenomena. Without the notion of responsibility, without devotion to the practice of goodness, without the love of studying, without a persevering effort in our personal moral refinement, the liberating pilgrimage toward the peaks of life is impossible.
Andre Luiz' message is clear; therefore we do not have to expand on further considerations. To each medium his or her own mind; to each mind, its unique rays that personalizes observations and interpretations. And, according to the rays we emit, we shall establish our own spiritual dwelling in the wavelength of thoughts with which our souls have attuned. In summary, this is equivalent to repeating with Jesus: “To each according to his deeds.” (Mt. 16:27)

Pedro Leopoldo, October 3, 1954
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Re: In the domain of mediumship. Life in the Spirit World

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“Undoubtedly,” agreed Aulus, “mediumship is one of the most intriguing fields in the world today. As humans approach the era of the Spirit, they will require cooperation of many so that they are ready for enlightenment.”
The instructor Aulus, with his amiable and noble countenance, had admitted us into a brief course about mediumship at the request of Minister Clarencio.
Our mentor dedicated years of study to this specialized work, so in him we found the teacher we needed. As he spoke of the human needs, he fixed his firm and lucid attention on us, not only with the interest of an older brother, but also with the affection of a tender father. Hilario and I could hardly contain our admiration. It was a privilege to hear him discuss the topic that brought us together and we were filled with admiration for him.
He combined a rich core of knowledge and the greatest capacity of love. He spoke of the course humanity had to take with the warmth of a benevolent and wise doctor, who would do the work of a nurse in order to assist in the healing of others.
Aulus had been interested in mediumistic experiments since 1779 when he met Mesmer, the well-known magnetizer, in Paris during the time the latter conducted research that would result in the renowned proposals he introduced. He also witnessed the accomplishments of Allan Kardec in codifying Spiritism. He was close to Cahagnet, Balzac, Théophile Gautier and Victor Hugo, ending his days in France after decades dedicated to mediumship and magnetism. In the spiritual world, he continued his observations, working towards his mission to educate. He has dedicated himself to the task of the spiritualization of Brazil for over thirty years.
Aulus provided us with the knowledge of his memories and experiences. He commented optimistically regarding a new field of action and he agreed to clarify his ideas for us. Marveling at him as we did, however, we had trouble responding to his questions.
“We are familiar with some aspects of spiritual interchange.” I replied to Aulus. “Our desire, however, is to further our knowledge regarding this complex subject. On other occasions, we made cursory
studies of psychography, trance communication and materialization. In spite of this, our knowledge is still insignificant compared to the many facets of mediumship.
The mentor, kindly assented to elucidating us. He cooperated in several departments and would give us, which he humbly considered “simple notations.”
To begin, Aulus invited us to listen to a friend speak about mediumship to a small group of students – incarnates and discarnates – and whose precise words he considered opportune and valuable.
We immediately accepted and, having no time to waste, we quickly followed him.
In the large hall of the Ministry of Communications we were introduced to the Instructor, Alberio, who was about to commence his dissertation. We sat down among dozens of companions, in attentive and silent expectation. As with many other mentors that I knew, Alberto approached the lectern with simplicity, as if he were just a brother who was going to converse with us fraternally.
“My friends,” he said with assurance, “as we continue our studies, let us consider that the mind is the basis for all mediumistic phenomena.
“We recognize that the universe, which extends itself into the infinite with millions of suns, is the externalization of Divine Thought whose essence we receive as eternal wisdom, inasmuch as our spiritual evolvement allows. From the superstructure of the heavenly bodies to the sub-atomic infrastructure, everything is contained in the Mind of God, just as fish and aquatic plants are contained in the immense ocean.
“We are children of the Creator and from Him we inherit the faculty of creating, developing, nurturing and transforming. The conceptual dimensions in which we find ourselves circumscribe our lives, and we recognize our insignificance compared to the glory of the Spirits that have already reached an angelic state. Yet we all radiate the active energy of our own thoughts establishing the psychic ambient correlating to our individuality.
“Each world possesses a field of electromagnetic tension within a gravitational force that maintains its equilibrium. Similarly, each soul finds
its place with life forces that have affinity with its mental halo; that is to say in the sphere of the individuals it needs to make adjustments or for spiritual advancement.
“Each planet revolves within the orbit assigned to it by the laws of equilibrium without exceeding them, just as each conscience evolves in the spiritual group that influences its actions. We are a vast group of intelligences that are attuned in one vibratory grade of perception, integrating billions of souls that are humankind on Earth. Each world harbors a family of the universal humanity and we are but one of these families.
“Up to now, we perceived only the expressions of the life that touches us, limited by our understanding. Depending on our brothers in our trajectory toward evolvement, like the worlds that move in space influenced by the stars surrounding them, we act and react upon each other though the mental energy with which we become renovated. We are constantly creating, feeding and destroying forms and situations, landscapes and things in the structuring of our own destinies.
“Our mind is, in this manner, a nucleus of intelligent forces generating a subtle plasma that, upon exteriorizing incessantly away from us, offers objective resources of the images of our own imagination under the command of our own designs. The idea is an entity organized by our spirit, to which our thoughts give form or shape and our will impresses movement and direction. From the conjunction of our ideas our own personal existence results.”
The speaker made a small pause that no one dared to interrupt, and then proceeded:
“All living beings breathe withing the psychic wavelength that is unique to them, withing the dimensions that are characteristic of them, or in the frequency that is particular to them. This psychic process does not depend on the central nervous system once it is flowing from the mind. It is then, the one that conditions all the phenomenon of organic life withing itself.”
“Upon examining animic values as a faculty of communication between the Spirits, in whichever sphere they find themselves, we cannot lose sight of the mental world of the agent and of the receiver. The receiver's intelligence is colored by the thoughts in which it lives. The sender's intelligence submits to the limits and to interpretations of the thoughts that it is capable of producing.
“Unknowledgeable primitive discarnates, communicating with wise individuals, who are still attached to the physical body, can only offer to them trivial subjects concerning their primitive experiences on Earth. Conversely, wise people without their physical body, entering into a relationship with primitives attached to their African habitat, will not succeed in giving them their immediate cooperation, unless they could assist them with their mental interests, as in helping a herd of bovine or in curing an illness of the material body. For this reason, primitives would not feel happy in the company of a wise person; likewise primitives for lack of that nourishment, almost imponderable, which we could classify as vibrational compensations, would not detain a wise person.
“In mediumship, we cannot overlook the phenomenon of attunement. We attract Spirits that attune with us and to which we are also attracted. If it is true that each person gives according to what he or she has, then it is unquestionable that each one receives according to what he or she gives.
“The mind is the basis of all mediumistic manifestations in whatever manner they are expressed. Therefore, it is indispensable that we use moral and cultural treasures to expand our thinking. The values expressed in them make it possible to fixate the light that descends toward us from the highest realms, through the genius of wisdom and love that oversees our experiences.
“Those that compared our mental world to a mirror were right: we reflect the images around us, and we direct toward others the images we create. And, since we cannot escape the imperative of attraction, we shall only present clarity and beauty if they exist in the mirror of our interior life. “Mental reflections either favor our procrastination or compel us to go forward. Each person lives in the heaven or hell that one has made for oneself in the innermost recesses of one's heart and mind, independently of the physical body. Observing life in its glorious eternity, death is solely a transition between two types of a similar experience, in the indestructible today.
“We encounter mediumship wherever human beings develop. Sanctifying missions and battles of destruction, noble tasks and evil obsessions, all have their origin in the reflections of the individual or in the collective mind, combined with the sublime or degrading forces of the thoughts that nurture them. Therefore, let us learn to cultivate our desire for education and perfect ourselves each day. We are all mediums, no matter what we do.
“Psychic strength is natural to all individuals, but mediumistic perfection without the refinement or purification of the individual is not possible. It is counterproductive to intensify the movement of energy without disciplining our impulses and it is dangerous to possess this ability without knowing how to use it.
“The mirror buried in the mud cannot reflect the splendor of the Sun. An agitated lake cannot reflect the image of the star that exists in the infinite. Let us raise our level of knowledge with appropriate study and let us purify our emotions though the constant exercise of superior virtues. We need to do this if we wish to receive the message of the great souls.
“Mediumship in itself is not enough. It is essential to know what type of mental wavelength we are assimilating to, so that we can recognize the quality of our work and evaluate the direction taken.”
Alberio continued to make valuable comments and later responded to the hard questions asked by several apprentices. On my part, I had received plenty on which to meditate. With a few words of appreciation, Hilario and I said goodbye to our instructors. Aulus promised to meet with us on the following day.
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Re: In the domain of mediumship. Life in the Spirit World

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When we returned the following evening, Aulus again graciously received us.
“I believe I have charted our program,” he told us paternally.
He paused, observed us attentively, and continued.
“We should study a small group where our observations may be of the highest quality. We have a group of ten incarnate companions; four of whom are mediums with a respectable moral foundation and who regularly practice their faculty. This small group is in the service of an institution dedicated to our Christian ideal. From that group, we can extract notes and gather information valuable to us.”
He observed us kindly in silence for an instant, and added:
The reason we will do it this way is because you desire specialized knowledge of mediumship in the terrestrial sphere. Were we to confine our study to our circle of spiritual activity, the subject would be less complex.”
“Yes” - Hilario and I agreed. “We want to be of some assistance to those incarnate brothers and sisters who are dedicated and committed to serving. For that reason, this opportunity comes to us as a veritable blessing.”
We warmly exchanged ideas for a few minutes. Aulus then extended his sincere invitation.
“Let us proceed. There is no time to lose.”
He picked up a small box and noticing our curiosity, he said calmly:
“We have here a psychoscope which will facilitate our examinations and studies without the need for intense mental concentration.”
He asked me to take it with us. I picked up the enigmatic instrument that on Earth would not weigh more than a few grams. I was curious, but it was Hilario who asked without delay:
“Psychoscope? What kind of new invention is that?”
“It is an apparatus to which an illustrious student of spiritual phenomenology intuitively made reference at the end of the last century. It's designed to probe the soul and define its vibrations at the same time that it studies physical matter,” Aulus explained with a smile. “We expect that in the future this will also be available to human beings. It runs with electricity
and magnetism, utilizing radiant elements analogous to gamma rays. It has a magnifying lens that can also be used for microphotography.”
While we proceeded in the direction of the terrestrial city in which we were to work, the mentor continued:
“In our supervisory task, we are able to classify without difficulty the probabilities of the different groups of psychic services that exist in the world. By analyzing the psychoscopy of a person or a group of workers, it is possible to access their potential and categorize their situation. According to the radiations they project, we can plan the work they are capable of achieving.”
My colleague and I could not hide our surprise. Surprised and amazed, Hilario asked:
“Can anyone of us be submitted to an exam of this nature?”
“Without a doubt,” answered the interlocutor good-naturedly.
“We are all subject to examination by the superior planes in the same manner that we currently investigate the nature of the chemical elements found at enormous distances by analyzing the light waves they emit, with greater facility we will identify the qualities of a person by the rays one emits. We can know of one's morals, sentiments, education and character though a brief observation.”
“But,” questioned Hilario, “based on the hypothesis that evil elements emerge in an otherwise good group, would the Spiritual Instructors expel them as a result of what an analysis from the psychoscope revealed?”
“It would not be necessary. If the majority is dedicated to the practice of goodness, the minority, who are prisoners of evil, will eventually withdraw from the group due to a lack of affinity.”
“Notwithstanding,” added my companion, “what would happen in an institution whose elevated program has degenerated into disharmony, where virtue there is nothing more that a fictitious sign that hides ignorance and perversity?”
“In this case,” responded the mentor serenely, “we would not resort to any form of intervention or accusation, as life itself is in charge of situating each of us where we belong.”
Smiling, he added:
“The angels or ministers of eternal wisdom entrust us with the renovating forces of time and experience. A gram of radium loses ½ gram of its weight in sixteen centuries. A cyclotron working with atomic projectiles
accelerated to millions of electrons-volts immediately achieves the transmutation of the chemical elements. We are also perfected either through slow evolution throughout the millenniums, or with an abrupt strike of suffering that alters our mental panorama.”
We reflected over his words. Our mentor had both a brilliant intellectual background and an extreme easy to explain things. I was about to ask questions not directly related to the program but before I had the chance, Aulus said.
“All noble conversation is instructive; however, for now let us proceed with our preoccupation and stay fixed on the task. To achieve success in our task we must pay close attention to it. If we were to digress into chemistry, it would only delay us.”
Focusing once again on our objectives, Hilario repeated:
“The psychoscope gives us a motive for important considerations. Try to imagine a human society that could take a picture of the interior life of its members. That would save much time in solving numerous psychological problems.”
“Yes,” added the mentor cordially, “the future holds miracles for the reasoning of the common individual.”
We had now reached the gate to the spacious building that the mentor said was the sanctuary we were to visit and serve.
“This is a Christian Spiritist Center. The work that goes on here will provide us an opportunity for experience and observation.”
“Upon entering a spacious enclosure where there we numerous unfortunate discarnate entities, the mentor advised:
“Here we have the room dedicated to public teaching. However, the nucleus that we are seeking is situated in a private area, somewhat like the location of the heart within the body.”
After a few moments, we cautiously entered the room in which a small group was gathered in silent concentration.
“Our companions”, explained the mentor, “are engaged in preparatory harmonization. They dedicate fifteen minutes to prayer, or use this time for explanation or reading on moral subjects. They are aware that they need a noble and dignified attitude to participate in spiritual tasks, since this makes it possible to attract evolved companions. Therefore, they do not appear here without bringing the best that they possess.”
Hilario and I were inclined to inquire further; however, the respectable vibrations present in the room demanded silence.
Friends from our sphere remained in quiet prayer, compelling us to silently concentrate as well. The mentor put the psychoscope in place and, after adjusting it, invited us to look through it.
When it was my turn, the peculiarities of the equipment amazed me.
With little effort, I noticed that all physical matter assumed a different appearance, emphasizing the matter of the spirit world.
The roof, the walls and other objects appeared made of currents of energy that emitted an opaque clarity.
I stopped to contemplate the incarnate companions, who were united by vast radiant circles that hovered over their heads in opal-like splendor.
Looking at the opaque block of semi-dark mass to which the table was reduced, I noticed a crown of solar light formed of ten characteristic points, springing forth from the center of each one the spiritual faces of our incarnate friends in prayer.
A wide violet light extended from that chain of golden lights. It appeared to be contained in another strip of orange light in diverse tones, which at that moment I could not identify. My attention was fixed on the circle of the shiny faces strongly united one to the other, somewhat like ten small suns chained to one another. I noticed that above each was a halo of almost vertical rays, brilliant and moving, as if they were small antennae of smoked gold. Over these crowns, which were distinguishable from one companion to the other, an abundant cluster of luminous stars fell from On High, touching the heads that were joined. They appeared as soft currents of energy that transformed into microscopic petals. These petals ignited and darkened in a myriad of delicate and capricious forms, gravitating momentarily around the brains that were producing them, creating the impression of satellites of brief existence swirling around the vital spring from which they emanated.
Spirit Mentors, as custodians of the assembly, were watching over, each one radiating his or her own light.
Amazed by the brothers and sisters from the physical plane who were thus revealing an affinity with the brilliant wavelength that enveloped them, I asked enthusiastically:
“Dear friend Aulus, are the companions that we are visiting, by any chance, high initiates in the Divine Revelation?”
The mentor made a good-humored gesture as he responded:
“No, we are still very far from such apostles. We are here in the company of four sisters and six brothers of goodwill. They are just common people. They eat, drink, dress and present themselves on Earth similar to everyone else. However, they have their minds set on active faith and service, expressed in love for their fellow beings. They make every effort to discipline themselves, exercise renouncement and cultivate charity. Through their personal efforts in righteousness and study they have acquired an elevated level of mental radiation.
Hilario, who had utilized the psychoscope first, added in the admiring tone of a surprised child:
“But what about the light? It transfigured matter with a clarity that was magnificent!”
“Nothing is strange about it!” - replied the mentor affectionately. “Don't you know that registered in the heart of the individual is an electromagnetic force of one oscillation per second? Are you, by chance, unaware that all living substances on Earth emit energies focused in the gamma of ultraviolet radiations? Our companions are souls who are regularly evolved and who have appreciably good vibratory conditions because of their sincere devotion to righteousness, and by their disregard of personal desires. They can, in this way, project mental rays of sublimation, thus assimilating higher currents and enriching the vital mental rays they generate, similar to common dynamos.”
“Vital rays? - asked my colleague, seeking clarification.
“Yes. In order to give you a clearer definition, let's call them rays of ectoplasm, to use the technical vocabulary of modern spiritists. These rays are found in all living beings. It is through them that the caterpillars carry mediumistic materialization occurs. It is through sensitive incarnates that these helpful, liberating energies are processed more easily. All beings, however, emit them in a frequency that varies according to the tasks that life has assigned to them.”
And with optimism, he added:
“Mediumship is affirmed on the basis of the mind, with its prodigious field of radiations. The knowledge of rays will imprint in a brief time, a great renovation in the diverse cultural sectors of the world. But we must wait for the future.”
Immediately thereafter, Aulos invited us to participate in a more direct inspection, one for which we gladly accompanied him.
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Re: In the domain of mediumship. Life in the Spirit World

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“Let us get acquainted with our mediumistic team,” said Aulus.
Stopping beside the incarnate companion in charge of directing the tasks, he said:
“This is our brother Raul Silva, the director of this group, who is totally devoted to fraternity. Accurate in his duties and of ardent faith, he brings to the group a deep comprehension and goodwill. Because of the love with which he conducts his task, he is a faithful instrument of discarnate benefactors, who find in his mind a crystal mirror that reproduces their instructions without distortion.”
He then directed his attention to a young lady and, pointing her out, explained:
“This is our sister Eugenia, a docile medium who promises to have a brilliant future in the expansion of goodness. She is an excellent instrument of transmission that assists disoriented discarnate Spirits. With a clear intuition allied to her moral standing, she has the advantage of remaining conscious during the communications and so benefits our field of action.”
He stopped on the left side of a young man who appeared about 30 years old, and said:
“Here we have our friend Anelio Araujo. He has been gradually progressing in clairvoyance, clairaudience and psychography.”
Then, approaching a nice companion, he notified us:
“This is our collaborator Antonio Castro, a well-intentioned young man who has a promising future in our activities. Being an unconscious medium, he still requires great watchfulness on our part. He leaves his physical body with ease and achieves valuable tasks, but he requires greater study and wider experiences to express more clearly his personal observations. At times, he behaves as a child when out of his body, compromising our activities. When he lends his body to demented or suffering entities, he requires our assistance, as he usually yields his body to the will of the communicating Spirit. As you know, it is his obligation to assist us in containing them, so that our fraternal efforts do not result in injury to his physical body. He is, nonetheless, a valuable assistant in our studies.”
Moving along a little more, the mentor stopped in front of a respectable lady who had been in ardent prayer, and exclaimed:
“I would like to introduce our sister Celina, a devoted companion of our spiritual ministry. She is fifty years old and has won significant victories in her moral battles. She has been a widow for almost twenty years, dedicated to her children with admirable valor, overcoming thorny obstacles and dark days of renunciation. She was able to heroically withstand the assault from ignorant and unfortunate legions of Spirits that surrounded her husband, whom she married in order to fulfill a sacrificial task. She experienced the persecution of evil spirits to which she did not surrender. In fulfilling her obligations, her conduct has been irreproachable.
“She refined her mediumship, perfecting it with the flames of moral suffering, as you would mold heated iron with raps on an anvil. She is not a mere instrument of psychic phenomena, but a dedicated worker in constructing spiritual values. She is a clairvoyant, a clairaudient, and an unconscious trance medium, as well as an out of body medium. She enters these states with the same spontaneity with which she breathes, while staying true to her responsibilities. This makes her a valuable collaborator. She is diligent and humble, finding her greatest happiness in fraternal love. Distributing her time between obligations and edifying studies, she is like a battery assimilating beneficial spiritual energies. Because of that, she is less vulnerable to the forces of darkness.”
It was true that standing next to her we enjoyed a sensation of peace and comfort.
Most likely because of the current of indefinable happiness that inundated us, Hilario asked:
“If we were to make a psychoscopic analysis of Celina, would the conditions we are visualizing about her now be faithfully registered?”
“Perfectly,” responded Aulus immediately. “Such an observation would ratify her emanations of kindness and understanding, faith and courage. Just as scientific studies on Earth catalogue the chemical elements that form dense matter, in our field of rarefied matter it is possible to analyze the type of subtle forces that are emitted by each being.
“In the future, human beings will be able to examine emissions of optimism and confidence, sadness and desperation and assess heir density and limits just as they can now separate and study uranium atoms. Mental principles are measurable and will merit special attention in the future of
humankind, as with photons currently studied by the scientists engaged in deciphering the constitution of light.”
After a brief interval the mentor added:
“A psychoscopic analysis determines the nature of our thoughts, and through this it is very simple to recognize our merits as well as our needs.”
The mentor invited us to participate in a detailed examination of the encephalic field of sister Celina, pointing out:
“In no mediumistic process can we forget that it is through the brain that the mind manifests. Surely, you already possess advanced knowledge regarding the corporeal body, so we don't need to discuss technical details about it.”
Caressing her hair, which showed strands of gray he added:
“A succinct exam of the inter-cranial life will be sufficient, as it is there that we find the keys of communication between the mental and the physical world.”
Centering our attention on a small lens that Aulus gave us, our fiends' brain appeared similar to a powerful radio station with thousands of microscopic antennae and conductors, resistors and connections. They were used by specialized brain cells, functioning as detectors and stimulants, transformers and amplifiers of sensations and ideas whose vibrations shone within as incessant rays, illuminating a miniscule sky.
The mentor observed with us the marvelous labyrinth in which the epiphysis or pineal gland was shining like a tiny blue sun, and said:
“We are not going to point out details related to the brain or the nervous system in general, since you are already familiar with these through your knowledge of human nature.”
At that instant I was amazed by a beam of light formed by the cortical cells vibrating with the magnetic flow of thoughts.
“Let us remember,” continued the mentor, “that the delicate encephalic apparatus unites millions of cells, which function as if they were workers in a hierarchical order within the harmonious governmental structure.”
And specifying distinct regions of that prodigious thinking kingdom, he declared:
“There is no need to digress. The experiences acquired through the soul constitute a marvelous synthesis of perception and sensitivity in our condition as free Spirits. These experiences, however, are located in the corporeal body as controllers of the manifestations of individuality, and are
fully open to analysis. This is how the incarnate soul possesses, in the physical brain, the special centers that govern the head, the face, the eyes, the ears and limbs.
“The brain also governs the centers of speech, language, sight, audition, memory, writing, taste, swallowing, tact, smell, of registering hot and clod, pain and muscular equilibrium. It is also controls the inner qualities of the mind, the connection with the exterior world, imagination, esthetic and artistic taste and many others treasured by the experiences of the soul, which conquers its own individuality, little by little, effort upon effort. This work in favor of its sublimity is possible through the opportunities of progress and perfection that Earth can offer.”
A brief pause occurred spontaneously and, because Hilario and I did not want to interrupt, the mentor continued:
“We cannot study mediumistic faculties without a correlative study of the personality. Therefore, it is of great importance that we consider the cerebral centers, where thought and will operate. The cerebral centers influence all mediumistic phenomena, from pure intuition to objective materialization. Through their work of love and sacrifice, wise and benevolent Spirits use these centers as do humans when, as mediums, they maintain superior ideals of kindness and service. They are also available, however, to low order and animalized entities in lamentable process of obsession”
“But,” interrupted Hilario wisely, “is it possible that less evolved intelligences could invade an illuminated cerebral field such as that of our sister Celina?”
“We cannot forget,” said the mentor, “that Celina is an incarnate soul on a long trial, and as an apprentice, she is far from mastering all her lessons.”
He thought for a moment, and then philosophized good-humoredly:
“On a hundred mile trip, many surprises can occur in the last mile.”
Then placing his paternal right hand over the forehead of the medium, he continued:
“Our sister is a testimony to goodwill, living faith, charity and patience. Like all of us, she is not yet able to free herself from her past debts. We are a vast legion of combatants seeking to overcome the enemy that inhabits our inner nature or our very world, enemies symbolized by our past habits of living with an inferior nature. Such habits place us in
attunement with the inhabitants of the darkness, and in evident harm to our equilibrium.
“Our friend Celina, like any of us, must take care not to abandon our obligation that keeps us receptive to the light. To do so would be to yield to vanity and disenchantment, misleading us to consider them as acquired rights and unjustifiable misfortunes. If this occurs to her, it would certainly interrupt her noble ascension. Many mediums suffer losses of this type. After a promising and brilliant beginning, they claim possession of spiritual resources that do not belong to them, or they fear the prolonged afflictions of the journey, and retreat into uselessness. This can lower their moral level and, yielding to inertia, they may cultivate primitive impulses. Incessant work in righteousness would make them forget such inferior impulses.”
Then, smiling, he added:
“We have not yet conquered the supreme victory over ourselves. The soil does not produce without the help of the plough or the hoe. Without working and struggling to perfect our potential, we would be permanently threatened by hazardous weeds, which would multiply easier when the best quality soil is abandoned.
Then, looking straight at us as if to emphasize the weight of the responsibilities with which we were vested, he concluded:
“Our present spiritual achievements are similar to small glimmering lights over the dark pyramids of our past. We need great caution when planting the seeds of good, so that the winds of evil do not sweep them away. That is why the mediumistic task, considered a tool for superior intelligences, is not easily attained. Through the fragile channel which lends itself to the passage of the light, we are attacked by the heavy waves of darkness and ignorance that become agitated and dense around us.”
The mentor became quiet. He too, was now connected to the magnetic field of the friends who followed silently, ready to commence the meeting.
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A gentle knock on the door caused one of the companions, who had been meditating, to answer. A young lady and an elderly gentleman, accompanied by two family members, came inside and sat in a corner of the room outside of the magnetic field.
“They are the patients who will receive assistance,” informed the mentor.
Later, a collaborator from our plane invited to come in numerous ill and disturbed Spirits that were seated facing the assembly, forming a large group. Not one of them felt comfortable in approaching us. Instead, they gathered around our incarnate friends encircled in prayer, like moths instinctively drawn to a bright light.
They arrived noisily, expressing incomplete phrases and making small talk. After receiving the emanations of the spiritual group, however, the disturbed Spirits fell silent as though dominated by forces that they could not perceive.
Attentively, Aulus told us:
“They are mentally tormented souls that accompany their relatives, friends or enemies to this group's public reunions. They disassociate from them as soon as the incarnates are renewed by the ideas of salvation, expressed by those who spread the doctrinal teachings. When the incarnates' thoughts are redirected, these Spirits become disoriented and feel sudden and radical changes in their minds.”
“Some rebel and escape from the temples of prayer such as this one, temporarily hating its assistance and scheming to search out and persecute their victims. Others, touched by the lessons, remain where they received them, anxiously waiting for further clarification.”
Hilario received this information with surprise, and asked curiously:
“What happens when the incarnates do not follow the lessons that they have been given?”
“They simply walk through the sanctuaries of faith like sealed vessels, impervious to good suggestions. They continue to be inaccessible to the need for change.”
“Are the same phenomena repeated in other religious groups?”
“Yes. The spoken word plays a significant role in the construction of the spirit. Sermons and conferences from priests and speakers of different faiths, as long as they are inspired by infinite good, also aim for moral elevation.”
The mentor meditated for an instant, and added:
“Among human beings, however, if it is not easy to cultivate a dignified life, it is even harder to prepare for a liberating death. As a rule, the soul dies without clearing out thoughts that are entangled in situations, persons and earthly matters. The mind, as a result, continues to be a prisoner of inferior worldly interests and faces disquieting scenes of its own imagination.
“The value of the respected religious community is that it creates an environment suitable for spiritual ascension. This has indispensable advantages, not solely for the incarnate Spirits who participate in it with sincerity and fervor, but also for the discarnates who aspire for their own transformation. Needy souls, who come without their dense bodies, fill the sanctuaries during their public activities, thirsting for relief. The speakers, preachers of the good word provoke the disconnection of mental attitudes by way of the liberating principles spread in the sphere of thought.”
He smiled in good humor and continued”
“For this reason, entities that feed off others operate against the speakers, quite often enveloping listeners with disturbing energies that make them sleepy, delaying their renovation and progress.”
Upon observing the troubled spirits that approached the people sitting in a semi-circle, I thought about using the psychoscope in order to examine them more closely. Aulus read my thoughts:
“That won't be necessary. A careful analysis will suffice to provide us with interesting results, since our friends carry engraved in their very own perispiritual body the sufferings that they experience.”
I noticed that the mentor did not want to prolong the conversation, most probably because he was preparing to collaborate in the tasks ahead. Therefore, I took advantage of those brief moments to observe the unfortunate companions who were linked up in a state of both anguish and expectancy.
They appeared to be enveloped in a large oval cloud, dark gray in color, thick and mobile, agitated by strange formations. I noticed that some were afflicted with mutilations, lesions, paralysis, and diverse forms of ulcerations as if they were still in the flesh.
Perhaps because Hilario and I had an attitude of apprentices in school, one of the spiritual collaborators of the meeting approached us and cordially said:
“These suffering brothers and sisters bring along with them the stigma of errors they gave deliberately committed. Illnesses, as a result of moral unbalance, survive in the perispirit and are fed by the same thoughts that originated them, when such thoughts continue after the death of the corporeal body.”
“But do they improve at the mediumship meeting?” inquired Hilario, timidly.
“Yes”, responded the mentor. “They assimilate new ideas that gradually improve their inner vision and pave new destinies. Mental renovation is the renovation of life.”
I meditated over the illusion of those who imagine hat in death the soul is destined for those places of happiness or sorrow called, respectively, heaven and hell.
Few humans admit the evidence provided by our thoughts, activities and accomplishments: that, in death, we will see all that we hide under our corporeal dress.
Conscience is a force of self-generated goodness and evil. We faced a long row of suffering souls in the purgatories they themselves created. We approached a companion with a withered and sad expression, to whom Hilario compassionately asked:
“Friend, what is your name?”
“My name?” - replied the one questioned.
He tried hard to remember, and then answered:
“I do not have a name.”
“Impossible,” answered my colleague incredulously. “We all have names.”
“I've forgotten...I've forgotten everything,” responded the disconsolate one.
“This is a case of amnesia to be studied,” explained the spiritual companion of the work tea we were visiting.
“Is this a natural phenomenon?” asked Hilario, perplexed.
“Yes, it can be natural due to an imbalance brought from Earth, as it is possible that our friend is a victim of powerful post-hypnotic suggestion. The suggestion may have originated with a persecutor exercising a strong control over the victim's memory. Our friend still finds himself profoundly attached to physical sensations, and these mold his cerebral life. Considering this, it is probably that he is controlled by a strange and dishonest will to which he may have been associated while on Earth.
“Heavens!” - exclaimed my colleague, quite impressed. “Is such control after death possible?”
“Yes, of course. Death is a continuation of life, and in our eternal life we possess what we seek.”
“Remembering that we were studying mediumship, I observed:
“If our amnesiac friend were taken to a medium, would he communicate like this, not knowing his own identity?”
“Precisely, and he would require warm loving attention as in any common mental case. Speaking through any medium that gives him access, he would display for any counselor on Earth the same enigma that we are now witnessing.”
At that moment, a Spirit in a deplorable state approached us. He was a thin and sad man, whose right arm was paralyzed and withered.
“Responding to my questioning glance, Aulus, appearing to have little time to spare in conversation, just said:
“Examine him and draw your own conclusion.”
I approached him touching his forehead gently, and I could sense his anguish. In the crystallized memories of his mental world, his intimate drama was revealed.
He had been a well-muscle stevedore on the docks and a drunkard. One day returning home, his father disapproved his conduct, provoking his son to beat him. Unable to return the attack the old man, spitting blood, yelled menacingly:
“Infamous one, your cruel arm shall be transformed into a dry stick.”
Upon hearing those words, spoken with intense hypnotic force, the son returned to the street. Stunned by the curse hurled at him, he continued drinking in order to forget.
Drunk and unable to maintain his equilibrium, he got hit by a street-car and lost his arm.
“He lived for a few years more, but he clung to the memory of his father's vengeful oath that was engraved deep in his heart. For this reason, after death, the mutilated arm was restored to him hanging withered and inert in the perispiritual body.
While reflecting on all this, our mentor again came nearer to us and perceiving what was happening, he informed us:
“This is a very difficult case of readjustment that requires time and tolerance.”
Placing his hands on the shoulders of the paralytic he added:
“Our friend's mind is subjugated by the remorse that has affected him since the day that he received the curse. To restore himself, he requires great affection.”
Without digressing from the subject that held our attention, inquired:
“If this companion were to communicate through a medium, would his sensations be perceived by the human receptor?”
“Yes, of course,” confirmed the mentor. “He would reflect in the passive medium the impressions that control him, through the magnetic processes in which the services of interchange are based.”
He smiled, kindly and added:
“Meanwhile, let us not get lost in individual cases. Each entity of the many unbalanced ones that are united here brings disquieting experiences. Let's observe this from a higher standpoint.”
He then led me to the head of the table where our friend, Raul Silva was ready to commence prayer.
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