Agenda Chrześcijańska

Forum poświęcone analizie dzieł psychograficznych brazylijskiego medium, przede wszystkim spisanym przez duchy takie jak Emmanuel i Andre Luiz, a także listom z zaświatów otrzymanym przez Chico.

Agenda Chrześcijańska

Postautor: xspirytyzmx » 05 lip 2017, 04:36

Z nudów przetłumaczyłem :lol: książeczkę, która była dostępna w internecie w języku angielskim.
link -> ... 284211.pdf

Jeśli ktoś miałby wolny czas i możliwości, mógłby przetłumaczyć wstęp od Emmanuela, który pominąłem

"Legions of companions are seeking guidelines worried about
finding the best way to live their lives…
They would like to receive direct suggestions from the Spirit
World that would elevate them to the height of an easy victory. They
would like to readjust everything that concerns their business, to all of
a sudden modify the mental attitudes of their loved ones, and penetrate
the secrets of improvised circumstances involving the free will of
others, taking advantage of the opinions of their brothers and sisters
who are discarnate, inhabitants of other spheres of life. However, no
one can evade the lessons of experience with their function of always
instructing and perfecting.
In view of this reality, any orientation that is not based on the
person’s inner harmony will be nothing more than a play upon words,
often laudable and beneficial, at the service of accommodation.
When transformed to goodness Man represents the
fundamental guarantee of human happiness. That is why it is
imperative, before all else, to realise the greatness of being in relation
to life and the Universe, which are always touched by the Divine
Wonders in their smallest details.
How can events be guided, measures adopt, manifestations
controlled or brought into harmony for specific ends, situations and
occurrences which lie within ourselves?
If an aborigine were to be transported into a palace of modern
culture he could not possibly demand that civilisation retrogress to the
state of primitive huts in order to satisfy his deficiency of
understanding. On the contrary, his duty would be to educate himself
in order to comprehend the progress of the world.
The astronomer whose feet are firmly planted on the ground,
would not ask the stars to leave the courses set for them in infinite
space by Cosmic Laws. It is his obligation to perfect optical
instruments so as to be able to reach his objectives when facing the
celestial greatness.
It would be childish to keep driving away insects which swarm
on an infected centre under the pretext of healing it. Logic dictates that
the wound be treated and the infection removed.
Mankind, having Heaven as its inheritance, will always reflect
upon the Divine Paternity in accordance to the level wherein he finds
Let us, therefore, flee from the age old intentions of gaining
easy access to cheap benefits.
We cannot deny the imperative need to collaborate in the
journey towards evolution.
In all departments of the Universe we will find benefactors and
those who receive benefits. For the hierarchy itself to function properly
it must be founded upon the principles of solidarity.
Nevertheless, it would not be licit to despise favours, neither
should we accustomed ourselves to protection.
Systematic protection is comprehensible for the tender young
plant, just as it is natural to support the beneficial vegetable which is
heavily laden with fruit. But for ourselves who are affected by the
revelation of immortality, we are the owners of only the most
rudimentary knowledge and are far from a super production in the area
of goodness. We are human Spirits at some distance from our original
inexperience, but still lacking in virtues. We are justifiably needing to
illuminate our consciences, perfect our sentiments and individual
qualities, so that we do not receive God’s blessings in vain.
This little course in spirituality which André Luiz is offering is
not a presumptuous collection of rigorous recommendations. It is a
friendly message to those who ask for instructions from the spiritual
entities, as if the true work of salvation were resident outside of
themselves. This book presents a few words from our sphere of
struggle where we learn that the miracle of perfection is the result of
effort, knowledge, discipline, elevation, service, and perfectioning
within the temple of our “Spirit.”
Therefore, we are not dealing with a pretentious manual.
Here, dear reader, you will observe only the recollection of
the ancient teachings of the Master in a new setting of words being
presented for us to remember, together with Him that the Divine
Kingdom (the edification of God within Man) will. in truth, never
come to the world through outward appearances. "
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Re: Agenda Chrześcijańska

Postautor: odnowa » 05 lip 2017, 14:36

Dzięki za przetłumaczenie książki i witaj na forum :)
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Re: Agenda Chrześcijańska

Postautor: Krzysztoff » 06 lip 2017, 20:43

Dziękuję bardzo za tłumaczenie. Kawał dobrej roboty

Sama książka jest bardzo inspirująca.

Jeśli nie masz nic przeciwko to wrzucę na portal spirytystyczny
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Re: Agenda Chrześcijańska

Postautor: Hansel » 07 lip 2017, 09:40

A o czym ona jest ?
Narodzić się, umrzeć, odrodzić ponownie i wciąż się rozwijać - takie jest prawo
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Re: Agenda Chrześcijańska

Postautor: Krzysztoff » 07 lip 2017, 18:40

Hansel pisze:A o czym ona jest ?

Hansel przeczytaj, na górze jest link do książki
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Re: Agenda Chrześcijańska

Postautor: xspirytyzmx » 20 lip 2018, 01:46

Link, tamten nieprawidłowy ->
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Re: Agenda Chrześcijańska

Postautor: xspirytyzmx » 15 wrz 2020, 01:29

Nowe tłumaczenie z poprawionymi błędami i udoskonaleniami ->*c4* ... ico+Xavier
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Re: Agenda Chrześcijańska

Postautor: Nikita » 16 wrz 2020, 14:46

dzieki..przeczytam... :)
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